Easy peasy DIY festive snacks that will have Santa drooling!

Have a yummy Christmas

Throwing house parties look simple but it often involved lots of preparations behind the scenes.

While you’re busy putting the final touches to the family meal, here are some delicious and eye-catching Christmas snacks to keep party guests busy while they mingle in the living room.

1. Festive eggnogs

$!Have a yummy Christmas

Eggnog is a classic festive holiday drink which is usually made out of milk, egg yolks, rum or whiskey but there is a non-alcoholic version too. If you’re unsure about drinking raw eggs, the eggs can be gently cooked first. Sometimes, cinnamon or nutmeg is added to add some spice to the drink. Done right, the eggnog tastes like delicious melted ice-cream.

2. Holiday salsa

$!Have a yummy Christmas

Feed the party with these yummy Holiday salsa to get the night started. The cheesy cream salsa of fresh cranberries, cilantro and a little kick of jalapeno will have everyone asking for more. The splash of red from the cranberries already gives off a festive vibe.

3. Peppermint popcorn

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Make the party interesting with a dish with a funky flavour. Peppermint popcorn gives the right ‘shock’ because it’s familiar and yet alien to most of us. It’s pretty simple to prepare too.

After melting the peppermint candies in a microwave, pour the melted peppermint over the popcorn and give it a good mix. You can even add in some chocolate chips.

4. Guacamole Christmas trees

These guacamole Christmas trees tacos will look too cute to eat! The layers of guacamole, cream cheese, and the colourful peppers cut out into stars are simply indulgent yet perfect as a light group snack. It can also be made using quesadillas as the base.

5. Cranberry orange cookies

$!By Baker by Nature

The tender butter cookies with cranberry and orange zest put a festive and refreshing spin to the usual cookies. The delicious cookies go well with a cup of hot drink such as tea and is a marvellous snack no matter the time of day.

6. Reindeer brownies

$!Have a yummy Christmas

These reindeer brownies will be a hit with young children in the family. Do not be surprised to see the adults pawing off some of these treats too. To decorate the brownie, you’ll need pretzels for the antlers, round candies as eyeballs and a red chocolate chip for the red nose.

7. Rice Krispie Snowballs

$!By Woman’s Day

While we can’t throw actual snowballs, we can throw these rice Krispie snowballs into our mouths. The marshmallows, melted chocolate sprinkles, Reese’s minis and the crunch from the Rice Krispies make every bite addictive and you’ll wish you made more.

8. Grinch punch

Yes, it’s safe for young children to drink because there’s no alcohol in it. This sneaky and frothy Grinch punch is just made out of evaporated milk, almond extract, lemon-lime soda and vanilla ice-cream! The green hue is from food colouring or probably just envious vibes from a jealous neighbour.

9. Holiday cornflake cookies

It’s a perfect excuse to bring back the Raya cornflake cookies to be enjoyed during Christmas time. However, you can bling up the cornflake cookies by shaping it into a wreath and add toppings of your choice such as marshmallows or chocolate sprinkles. These childhood snacks will be a hit with everyone at the party.

10. Santa hat jello shooters

$!Have a yummy Christmas

Santa hat jello shooters will be a nice dessert at the end of the family meal. All that needs to be done is to pour the jelly mixture into shot glasses or small cups. Once the jelly is ready, top it with a dollop of whipped cream and place a strawberry on top with the pointed-end up.

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