Nationwide enforcement on workers’ minumum standard housing

14 Oct 2020 / 07:44 H.

PUTRAJAYA: Integrated enforcement operations on compliance with Workers’ Minimum Standards of Housing and Amenities Act 1990 (Act 446) will be conducted throughout the country yesterday and today, said the Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR).

The ministry said the operation is aimed at raising the awareness of employers and centralised accommodation providers on Act 446 and its regulations which came into effect on June 1 2020 as well as the subsidiary legislation which came into force on Sept 1, 2020.

Act 446 requires employers to provide workers’ accommodation according to the rules outlined on safety, health and cleanliness.

“Indirectly, Act 446 encourages employers to practise the new work normal via physical distancing at the workplace and accommodation,” said MOHR in a statement yesterday.

MOHR said the jurisdiction of Act 446 had been expanded to cover all employment sectors which provide housing and accommodation to workers and each accommodation or centralised accommodation should get the certification from the Peninsular Malaysia Labour Department (JTKSM) director-general.

The statement said application for accommodation certification can be submitted online via the ministry’s link at

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