Residents want government to build wall along Sungai Golok

07 Dec 2019 / 13:21 H.

PASIR MAS: The cement wall, which was built by the Thai government on the Malaysia-Thailand border near Rantau Panjang, is allegedly a source of great anxiety to the residents living along Sungai Golok.

The residents claimed that, since the existence of the wall on the side of the neighbouring country, the passage of the current towards the Malaysian side during the recent flood was very much stronger resulting in Sungai Golok overflowing much faster into the town area.

A trader in Rantau Panjang town, Wan Namat Wan Muhamad, 54, said he hoped the federal government had plans to overcome the problem.

He said the absence of a wall along the river on Malaysia’s side sooner or later would result in the erosion of the river bank which would worsen the situation.

‘’From what I see, the construction of the almost two-metre wall on the Thai side is actually more towards security purposes but it also functions as a water barrier during the flood season.

‘’The river bank on our side of the border is much higher than the bank on the Thai side. However, the wall, results in more water from Sungai Golok flowing into the Malaysian side during the flood season,’’ he said when met near Pengkalan Gergaji, here today.

For Rohana Hussin, 53, the impact of the recent flood was rather different as its currents were fast and strong.

She said flood water entered her kitchen rather quickly and she found five pillars of her house had been displaced yesterday when the water receded a little.

‘’I hope the authorities concerned will do something to overcome the problem. Most probably, my house, which is now already tilted, will collapse due to erosion if there is no barrier on this side,’’ she said.

Kamaruddin Mustafa, 52, said the effect of the 13-kilometre wall had already been felt during the recent flood although the project had yet to be completed.

He said a wall must also be built on the Malaysian side because the flood water inundating the low-lying areas of Rantau Panjang town often took time to recede.

‘’What is crucial is that the damages incurred by traders in the Rantau Panjang town due to the floods will be reduced if a wall is built on our side of the border, compared to the current situation,’’ he added. — Bernama

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