Monash University introduces global mobility programme

14 Jan 2019 / 14:57 H.

MONASH University, Australia’s largest university, launched their Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG) programme in Kuala Lumpur on Jan 9, as it welcomed the inaugural cohort of GIG students to Malaysia.

The GIG programme is a Monash University, Faculty of Arts initiative that offers a guaranteed, funded overseas placement for every Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Global Studies student.

The GIG programme will play a valuable role within Monash University’s broader engagement in Malaysia and the South-East Asia region. The initiative reaffirms Monash University’s commitment to ensuring that students graduate with a deep appreciation for Malaysia, its culture, dynamic business and innovation sector.

Monash University along with its partners aspires to mobilise a generation that is globally-focused, culturally conscious, creative, bold, and has the ability to work collaboratively for the advancement of Malaysia and Australia.

As part of the GIG programme, between November and February every year, students travel to one of four countries, including Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and Italy, for a two-week experience. When in Kuala Lumpur, students will engage with local leaders, businesses, NGOs, community and youth groups about innovative and sustainable solutions to address human impact on the environment.

In his welcoming speech, Australian High Commissioner Andrew Goledzinowski said he hoped the students would be excited to be part of the GIG programme in Malaysia.

“You came to Malaysia at a very important time. It is the most interesting time in Malaysian history as there was a historic change in the government,” said Goledzinowski.

“Although, we are different countries, we have some extraordinary parallels. We are both Commonwealth countries, we are multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and we are both an open trading society,” he said.

During the two weeks stint, the students will explore a number of sustainability challenges that are confronting contemporary Malaysia. They will also learn about Penang’s heritage sustainability challenges.

Monash Malaysia’s president and Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof Andrew Walker, who spoke to theSun, said sustainability is a challenge all over the world.

He said the students made a trip to Carey Island, earlier that day, to look at sustainability from the perspective of the Mah Meri Orang Asli community.

“What we are interested in is how Malaysians preserve and protect nature in a very busy city like Kuala Lumpur,” he said, adding that the students would be exploring parks in Kuala Lumpur.

He said this would be the first time some of the students have travelled to Asia, adding that the programme would give them a real advantage in learning about new issues and perspectives.

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