Malaysia’s first virtual comedy variety show ‘Happy Hour’ available to stream this March

Following the launch of KLoud Fest, Malaysia’s first digital festival last week, non-profit DiverseCity in partnership with local award-winning theatrical company, Liver & Lung announces Saturday’s headline show: Happy Hour.

Happy Hour is part of KLoud Fest: a digital festival that celebrates creativity this 19 to 20 March. The event hosts a curated programme of original film, music and comedy experiences which viewers can watch online through the official KLoud Fest website from the comforts of their home.

$!Malaysia’s first virtual comedy variety show ‘Happy Hour’ available to stream this March

Happy Hour will be hosted by international award-winning musical comedian, Hannan Azlan (Comedy Central Asia). The comedy variety show features an electric line-up including Mad Sabah (first runner-up on Astro’s Lawak Solo), AIIA Improv (Malaysia’s biggest improv troupe), and Rambo - a character comedy by Kuah Jenhan (Best Comedy Show at Perth Fringe World 2016).

“Happy Hour boasts a diverse selection of talents that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. There really is something for everyone,” notes Hannah Shields, Co-Founder of Liver & Lung.

“People need comedy in these strange and troubling times. Laughter is the best medicine.”

From stand up to sketches to musical improv, Happy Hour packs a punch. “It’s been an honour to work with local comedians to create something truly unique,” adds Shafeeq Shajahan, also Co-Founder of Liver & Lung.

“Recognising homegrown talent is essential if we want to drive the artistic industry forward.”

One such artist is Happy Hour’s host, Hannan Azlan, who has been able to use this platform as an opportunity to hone her craft.

“People should come watch Happy Hour because it's going to be a ball! The show is a great reflection of Malaysian people - a melting pot of different identities, cultures, and backgrounds,” says Hannan.

Over the past year, the arts, in particular comedians, have faced adversity in the wake of the global pandemic.

“As arts practitioners, we are adaptable to change but we cannot easily pivot away to other jobs, we need to and should be encouraged to continue rehearsing, training, creating and being imaginative.” said the founder of DiverseCity, Datin Seri Sunita Rajakumar.

KLoud Fest offers artists a platform to do just that and in buying a ticket audiences are helping support local artists continue to nurture their talents and thrive. Tickets start from RM15 and an All Star Pass, offering access to all festival content, is available from RM75. All shows are available to stream from 48 hours after they have premiered.

KLoud Fest is set to produce some regional firsts, including South East Asia’s first TikTok Musical fittingly titled: ‘Nasi Lemak’. Other highlights include ‘Dance Revolution: A Virtual Party’ produced by local DJ Jonny Vicious, ‘Badrish & The Beatles: A Music Film’ inspired by the music of The Beatles, as well as a series of Malaysian Masterclasses called: ‘Trina in KL’ to encourage everyone to get creative.

Audiences can catch a preview of ‘Happy Hour’ in the video above. You can also subscribe to Liver & Lung’s YouTube channel for more content.

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