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01 Apr 2019 / 14:34 H.

LIVING in today’s narcissistic age where some see Instagram’s parlour trick filters or the extreme cases of botox injections as a little more than a nuance.

By any means, it is not an act of rebellion but rather she sees it as a way of apprecia-tion for the material self, the social self and the spiritual self.

Because at the end of the day, what is more important than self-love?

However, the capacity to feel self-love is scarce and that self-worth is sometimes hard to value.

Jane shares: “Self-love is my utmost priority in life. I know everyone has a unique way to approach it with the same goal of doing something good for ourselves.

“That gave me an idea to start something that would radiate positivity and the message of self-acceptance, self-empowering and self-care to everyone that I could possibly reach out to.”

Hence, Chuck’s is an open diary and a safe space, a lifestyle brand founded by Jane herself as a declaration of sentiments in favour of all things positive while in the pursuit of happiness.

Its debut product launched in conjunction with International Women’s Day - Self Love Honey Mask is a recharge for the mind, body and soul, but most importantly it revitalises and nourishes lacklustre skin with its 80% royal jelly extract with lemon fruit oil to create dewy and luminous skin.

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