Four saved from boat dangling from edge of dam (Video)

12 Jun 2021 / 09:45 H.

FOUR women were snatched from the jaws of death by emergency crew after their small motorboat got caught partially hanging over a dam.

The drama between life and death at Longhorn Dam at Lady Bird Lake near Austin in Texas on June 10 unfolded after the boat ended up at the edge of the dam and was in danger of going over.

Another boat had attempted to pull the smaller rented vessel to safety but was unable to. Austin-Travis County EMS dispatched rescue team that lowered life vests to the women from a helicopter. A bigger boat was then used to tow the motorboat to safety.

“The victim’s boat was halfway hanging over the dam and another boat was kind of tied up to them and was just basically holding them where they were. That boat was not powerful enough to get away from the dam. It was just basically holding it from falling over,“ police officer Brad Smith said.

Watch the video here:

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