A KIND young woman recently offered some money to a father looking toys with his son in the rubbish bins near her residence.

The young woman, Evianne, posted her experience on Twitter and shared that she was throwing out her garbage when she came across a father and son rummaging through the rubbish bins, looking for toys.

“When I was about to throw out my rubbish, they asked me if I had toys in the bag. I said the bag contained an aquarium only,” Evianne said.

She added that the father asked his son: “Try to look in that (bin). Maybe you will find something you’d like.”

Evianne then walked back to her car and then contemplated what to do with the situation and then proceeded to check her wallet which had some cash in it, fortunately.

“I took out RM20 from my wallet and walked back towards them and handed them the money. I said to the father that you use this to buy the toys your son wants,” she recalled.

The father thanked Evianne profusely for her thoughtful gesture and she said that they left the rubbish area and headed straight to a mini mart nearby.

“After that I drove out of there and the father waved and smiled like he was so grateful. God bless this family. I wish I had more to give them,” Evianne said.

While she was glad she could help the pair out momentarily, she wondered how she could do more for the poor family.

WauPost reached out to the young lady and reported that she did not get hold of their contact details however she noted that both of them could be based near the Bundusan area in Penampang, Sabah, looking at the fact that she found them walking near her neighbourhood.

Evianne also mentioned that she only intended to share how she felt regarding her encounter with the father and son.

“I wanted to spread kindness and share my experience. I never thought that my tweets would gain that much traction but I’m glad to see that there are still plenty of kind hearted people around,” she said.

She added that there were some netizens who have contacted her to help out the pair by donating some toys to them after coming across her post.

“I will definitely approach them again if I’m able to bump into them and I’ll make sure that the donated items reach them,” she clarified.