(Video) Teen motorcyclist tells JPJ to let him go because his mum will be mad

26 Jan 2020 / 13:52 H.

DEEP down inside, we know traffic laws exist to keep us safe. But then again, there would be moments where we do break it, like when we decide to pick up that urgent phone call from the office.

And when we do get caught by the police or the Road Transport Department (RTD), the pleading starts: “Abang, bagi I lagi satu chance lah.”

But have you ever heard someone pleading to be let off a traffic offence because they’re afraid of their mom? Well, that’s exactly what happened when two RTD officers apprehended two teenagers for riding motorcycles without a helmet.

In the video, one of the teens was heard saying: “Please abang, please let me go. Please! Nanti mak saya marah (My mother will get mad at me!)!”.

The JPJ officers who seemed to have handled the situation professionally told the boys they just wanted to talk, but it didn’t seem to calm the boys down.

Only when they were threatened to be handcuffed, the boys started to cooperate.

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