Travelling industry professionals speak to theSun on alternative sources of income during the pandemic

THE high-flying aviation and travel industry has gone through some extreme turbulence since the pandemic broke out.

A comeback for airlines and the hospitality industry looks a long way off, further than many other businesses.

Facing bleak prospects, enterprising employees and business owners are seeking alternative sources of income.

In fact, many players have taken swift action to diversify their services to adapt to the new reality. Some have started their own business, while others have decided to work on expanding their services.

Staying alive is the priority, as closures and pay cuts continue to roil the sector.

Four intrepid industry pros detail their inspiring journeys, where they have evolved and innovated in times of crisis.

The pandemic has drastically changed the nature of business for many local enterprises. Hence, in a time of crisis like this, it is crucial to adapt and grow as things continue to evolve – as the saying goes: “Necessity is the mother of invention.”


Aaron Tan, airline pilot

“After spending some time researching and seeking advice, I decided to start a disinfection and sanitising business. With an increase in the need for sanitising areas, my team and I aim to provide quality service at an affordable price. It has been an interesting transition and journey thus far as we strive to adapt.”

Fildza Daniel, flight attendant

“Since the first movement control order, I have not been able to fly as much. And due to the current Covid-19 cases, I will not be able to fly anytime soon. Hence, I was inspired to start my own F&B business brand named POPMIL early this month. It specialises in selling spring roll snacks and I have been getting positive reception since its launch.”

Y.J. Chong, former tour guide

“For the past 12 years, I worked as a professional tour manager, doing long haul tours from Europe to America. But due to the pandemic, the company and I had no choice but to diversify our services. Hence, we started selling and delivering imported fruits and quality food products. I am grateful to my tour members for their trust and support during times like these.”

Ruby Foo, production assistant

“As part of the content team for an aviation company, most of our planned projects have been delayed or abandoned since movement restrictions were first implemented last year.

“The team used to go for outdoor shoots but with the current situation, it is not possible. However, the crisis has also given us the opportunity to re-envision the business model. Now, we can create content from home and that has been pretty exciting.”