Local workforce optimistic about digitalisation

20 Mar 2019 / 11:49 H.

IT looks like the spirit of “Malaysia Boleh!” is very much alive with us Malaysians as a survey by Randstad Malaysia revealed that the local workforce is confident about the future.

Facts and figures from the 2018 Q4 analysis

* 80% of survey respondents claimed students are being taught and exposed to the right digital skills that will help prepare them for the future workforce.

* Close to nine in 10 Malaysia-based workforce are positive that digital technology presents them with new opportunities.

* About nine in 10 respondents agree they will need to acquire new skills if they want to work in a digitalised environment and 93% are willing to personally acquire these skills to guarantee their employability.

* 69% of respondents said that their employer is investing in new technologies within the field of AI, such as machine learning, robotics and automation.

* More than eight in 10 respondents agree that these emerging technologies will have a positive impact on their job in the next five to 10 years.

* 82% think their employers should provide them with adequate training to acquire these new digital skills to increase productivity but only 63% said their employers are doing so.

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