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04 Dec 2018 / 11:37 H.

The BERJAYA School of Humanities & Social Sciences of BERJAYA University College (BERJAYA UC) in collaboration with the Peranakan Baba Nyonya Association of Kuala Lumpur & Selangor (PPBNKLS) enacted a Peranakan (Baba Nyonya) Wedding on Oct 31 at its city campus in BERJAYA Times Square. Its aim was to promote cultural awareness of the Baba Nyonya community. The theme of the event - Exploring Ethnic Diversity Through The Lens of Culture.

The Baba Nyonya community was chosen being a significant part of the Malaysian ethnic fabric, besides its unique cultural heritage in terms of customs, language and culinary exploits.

Lecturer of the Ethnic Relations (MPU3112) course Normaizura Md Zain said that the event was also in line with the learning outcomes of the said course which is a compulsory subject for all Malaysian uni students.

“In addition to revitalising and preserving the cultural heritage of the Baba Nyonya for future generations, it is also the objective of this event to promote cultural awareness by emphasising the uniqueness of the Baba Nyonya culture,” said Professor Dr Eileen Lee, Dean of BUC’s Faculty of Liberal Arts and a Malaccan of Peranakan background.

PBNKLS members worked closely and tirelessly with students to mentor and groom them on the intricacies of the Peranakan Wedding ceremony.

President of PPBNKLS Cedric Tan, a Baba himself, narrated while students and staff re-enacted the Sohjah (Respect to the Elders) & Tuang Teh(Tea) ceremony. In addition to the mock wedding, there were also a Kasut Manik Exhibition, a demo of how to make Bunga Rampay as well as a Baba Nyonya medley performance by the students and an impromptu joget from members of PPBNKLS who came to support the event.

“As part of the Association's objectives, we looked forward to this collaboration effort with Berjaya University College to encourage youth of today to learn and appreciate the traditions and customs of our forefathers. Today's collaboration and efforts will enable our youth today to understand our community's wonderful culture and lifestyle and to make Malaysia, our home, a beautiful place to live, grow and be prosperous,” said Tan.

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